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Poem: How Could You

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How Could You
by Elizabeth Mary Nicholson
It all became clear to me that you were never coming back. 
Do you realize all the pain you put me through? 
I still remember till this day when you left without saying good-Bye. 
You said that Paul was a no good loser 
and he was trying to get in the way of you seeing me.
I can't believe I ever believed that lie you told me. 
I started hating him for no reason; just because 
I was Daddy's little girl, I believed you. 

You told me you would always be there for me 
and that you were proud I was your daughter. 
I told you I was proud you were my Father.
Well, that was a lie. 
As months passed, I saw and heard from you less and less. 
The more you broke your promises, the more Paul was there for me.
He never made a promise he couldn't keep 
and he wasn't even my Father.
But he cares for me more than my own Father does. 

Well, now as the years have passed, I'm growing up to be a woman.
Now I'm seventeen, and everything you ever promised me was a lie. 
This I know and not because my mom told me, 
but because I grew up and figured out how you seemed so wortthless.
And you know that guy Paul, the one you made me hate at one point? 
Well, he is the best dad I ever had. 
And he's something you will never be, which is a man! 
He is the only dad I've ever actually known. 

He loves me more than you ever will. 
And guess what? It's all your fault. 
You put everything on yourself. 
But I could really care less if I ever see or hear from you again, 
because I have the World's Best Dad! 
And for Paul I am greatful he came into my life. 
Beacause you left my life and in the end 
I got an even better Dad than you could ever be. 
Now it's all so clear that I'm not your Daughter anymore. 
I am Paul's daughter! 
I love you, Dad(Paul)!

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