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Poem: Can I Have You?

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Can I Have You?
by Landon Ray Lewis
Can I have you- Oh, please say, "yes"
Because in my heart I will accept nothing less.
Can I have you to cherish and to love
Because you truly are a blessing from the heavens above.

Can I have you when I open my eyes
And when my emotions turn into waterfall-like cries.
Can I have you when things are going wrong
'Cause I know- if I have you it won't last very long.

Can I have you from sunrise 'till sunset
Because having you always is something I'll never regret.
Can I have you in my arms like I have you in my heart
Because I love everything about you, each and every part.

If there's anyone else for me... then, please tell me "who?"
But since there's not, just answer this... Can I have you?

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