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Poem: Two Ships

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Two Ships
by Courtney Babcock
Never thought I’d meet a girl
Halfway ‘round the world
   ...T’would reach inside

Till this time I’d been a page
Torn from a book in fleeting rage
   ...Had love denied

For love will go and love returns
But passion's fire always burns
   ...I once believed

Now it seems so meaningless
Something I should not confess
   ...I’d been deceived

And in her eyes there’s a story to unfold
Like hearing music but the words are never told
   And when I ask her- she says it’s old and forgotten

Then with a whisper she recalls her love to me
Like in a song her words are poetry
A thousand of them cry out to be 
   painting a picture
      A picture that’s not to be sold and forgotten

Gentle strokes of a brush reveal
What silent memories conceal
   And hide away

Love is borrowed and love is lent
A meaning’s taken but isn’t meant
   To be that way

The page has now returned itself
Inside the book upon the shelf
   No more to roam

‘Twas half way round the world we met
Like two ships in the night- we’ve yet
   To sail home

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