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Poem: In Love!

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In Love!
by Jessica Renee Rose
All the things I wanna say, 
but it's kinda hard to find 
a way!

So, I'm writing them to let 
you know that I don't ever
wanna let you go!

I don't ever wanna hurt you 
in any way.  I wanna love you
more, each and every day!

I wanna hold you for the rest
of my life.  I wanna be yours 
forever, I wanna be your loving

I wanna have your kids- as many
as I can.  I want you to be my
world, my one and only man!

When I go to sleep at night,
I hold my pillow, wishing it
was you, and when I fall asleep,
my dreams make all my wishes
come true!

I wake up thinking about you
then I fall asleep, dreaming
about you!

I wish I could tell you this
face to face but I can't.  So
on this paper my words will

I can't begin to describe how 
much I love you.  I can't stop
smiling whenever I'm around

I hope our love is the forever
kind of love.  I hope we'll stay
together, forever even in the Heavens

Please don't think I'm crazy when 
I tell you all of this.  Just respond
in "awe" and give me a sweet kiss!

I hope you understand that I'm crazy
in love with you.  I hope you feel 
the same, please tell me that you do!

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