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Poem: walk away

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walk away
by Larissa Tina Gonzalez
You've changed so much 
And i don't know why.
I see it every time i look 
Into your eyes...

I thought you were my friend,
I thought you'd never go.
I thought you'd always be there,
I didn't really know...

But all that changed when you changed.
You stared acting like a lil' kid.
I've seen who you are and what you can be.
You don't have to act diffrent-
Exspecialy not with me.

One minute you're there, 
The next, you're gone.
make up your mind! 
Is our freindship short or long.

You say it is me you can't live without.
I think you lie- i have reason to doubt.
I guess here's something else you really should know.
I really think it's time for me to let you go...

I'm not gunna talk, I have nothing else to say.
It's time for me to move on, it's time I walked

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