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Poem: Life is empty

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Life is empty
by Anonymous
Like a lion with no mane
I have lost my pride.
Loneliness is driving me insane.
Still you're not by my side. . . .

A rock in the middle of the ocean
That waves continue to erode and ride,
I'm stuck, I have no motion.
Still, you're not by my side. . . .

I exist, I do not live.
You lied and I cried,
When all I ever did was give.
Still, you're not by my side. . . .

I have no pride,
I'm here for the wild waves to ride,
You lied, I cried.
You don't want to be by my side. . . .

. . . .And yet I persist,
Never wanting to give up.
You were never here, you will never be here.
Life is empty!

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