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Poem: Why Not Me?

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Why Not Me?
by Ashley Leann Isbell
I look in the mirror, and what do I see?
I see a worthless, pathetic loser staring back at me.
All the rumors at school are true.
I'm just a geek, a dork, a fool.
Why couldn't I be cool?
Why couldn't I be like the rest of the school?
Why couldn't I be the one who all the guys loved?
Instead I was rated below, and not above...
Because of the clothes I wear and the way I am.
You can't be yourself in this town.
Parents always tell us to be ourselves...
Don't try to be someone else.
Well... that just doesn't work in high school,
Because if you're not yourself, you're cool.
I tried to be someone else, I tried to be "cool,"
But it just doesn't work for me, cause now I'm an even bigger fool.
So I stood in front of the mirror that day... knife in hand.
I put it to my wrist, and I said...
"This is it.  This is the end.
I want it to be over.  I'm sick of this trend."
I put the knife in the air, ready to slice, 
And said, "This is what life is all about!"
But I chickened out.
Before my hand dropped, I thought of my guy...
And said to myself, "I don't wanna die."
I have one good thing in my life...
And that's why I put down the knife.
Killing myself would be a mistake.
Because I love him, and he loves me.
I think.

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