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Poem: In love with the wrong person

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In love with the wrong person
by GIovanna Acosta
In love with the wrong person...
I want you to love me, but I’m not forcing.
When I did have you, I loved you, too,
But I guess I didn’t show it the way you wanted me to.
People always said, 
“Stop playing with his feelings, you're going to break his heart.”
If only they knew I loved you,
it was you that chose not to do your part.
Well, I can't blame it all on you.
In a relationship, it’s two.
I was thinking I gave you my all, 
and you thought another one could do better.
See, in my mind I see us in the future together,
even though I know you don’t think the same.
There's been a few that have tried to take your place.
If you were just to see how many times I think about you 
in just one day
you would know that I’m still hurt from the day you went away.
I tried to erase you from my mind 
and started going out with somebody new.
I tried to love him 
and to make myself believe that I forgot about you.
Other people believed me, including my best friend,
but she noticed when she mentioned your name 
I would change the subject before she'd ended.
It's been over a year, 
and every day I love you more than yesterday,
and every day I pray to God 
and ask the stars... Why did you go away?
There's nobody that could make me feel the way you do.
A look from you makes me more excited than any other boy’s. 
When can I stop loving you? 
Why does my love grow more when it hurts my heart?
Why can't you just answer me, “When did I fail doing my part?”
I love you so much and I don’t even know why.
How can anybody can be in love with someone that only makes you cry?
I pray to God every day to see you, but your presence hurts me.
Day dreaming of how you used to hold me,
Wish those days would come back, don’t know why they left.
Sometimes I think you love me 
and you're just putting me through a test.
Well, that’s what I like to think, that’s what holds my crying,
Even though deep inside I know somehow my heart is lying.
It’s hard to tell someone you love them 
when you think you're going to be neglected,
and then my heart will be the only one effected.
People tell me “to be your friend,” 
that’s the worst thing I could do.
We can’t be friends, cause I’m still in love with you!

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