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Poem: MY LOVE (For You)

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MY LOVE (For You)
by Grant Buckley
As the sun goes down and we walk hand in hand
I thank God for my life with you, and hope you understand
That you're the only one for me, no one else compares
And when you're feeling sad, just know that someone cares.

To be able to hold you in my arms, means the world to me
Just take a look into my eyes, and you'll find it's plain to see
That all the love I have for you comes straight from the heart
You are my all and my everything, I've loved you from the start.

When I first laid eyes on you, I knew that you would be mine
You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you, you're always on 
  my mind
Whenever times get tough and you feel that you just can't cope
Look around and I'll be there to fill your days with hope.

So if you didn't know before, I hope that you see it now
I'll always be by your side some way, some form, somehow
You're all I ever wanted, you're all of my dreams come true
So I guess this poem is just a way of expressing All My Love For You.

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