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Poem: Crash Course

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Crash Course
by Alicia R Collins
The road, long and agonizing, 
the white lines coming together as one, 
top speeds- reaching one hundred... 
To my surprise the lines weren't
the only things flying by. 

My mind racing, in total shock, 
in utter disbelief... 
Were the last couple of days real, 
or a dream, a dream of how I wish 
my life could be? 

To love someone that quickly 
is somewhat unbelievable, 
but to fall in love is insane. 
Still feeling the effect of the love we shared, 
can't explain how I feel... 

The rapid beat of my heart, 
muscles aching with the thought of you. 
I'm on this highway of love with no exit in sight, 
no ramp to get off, and no light telling me to stop.
Help!  Crash course straight to your heart.

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