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Poem: Unskilled

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by Noneed
How do I sow for you a flaxen field that shimmers like your hair
    when I haven’t any seeds in my hand?
How do I play for you the music that is your voice
    when I haven’t an orchestra or a band?

How do I paint for you the ocean swimming in your eyes
    when I haven’t a brush to swirl?
How do I shine for you a gem that glows as softly as your skin
    when I haven’t a sapphire or a pearl?

How do I shape for you a vase that has your sensuous curves 
    when I haven’t a potter’s wheel?
How do I forge for you a blade as sharp as your wit
    when I haven’t any steel?

How do I fill the trees for you with the song that is your laugh
    when I haven’t any birds?
How do I express to you the passion in my heart
    when I haven’t sufficient words?...

The only way I know how... unskilled though it is
    is with an enveloping hug and a simple kiss.

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