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Poem: Confused

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by Sherry Lynn Anderson
Sometimes you make me feel like I'm not enough,
Like I don't make you happy.
So, what am I supposed to do,
when I am completely and utterly head over heals for you?
I stay by your side by and by.
Don't you like me?
Just look into my eyes;
Just look at my face and not my age.
Don't look at my posture;
Focus on my grace.
When you treat me like you do,
You totally destroy my pride.
When you mess with my looks and my weight,
In a hole I want to hide.
I know you don't intentionally anger me all the time,
But you have to understand this,
I can't stand it when you pull away from me,
or reject my willing kiss.
I don't like it when we walk around school 
And you refuse to hold my hand.
You make me feel so stupid,
Then you leave my side,
And alone, there I stand.
When I first saw you,
You were overwhelmingly sweet,
And I just had to get to know you;
You I just had to meet.
Now no matter what I do,
There's nothing I can say.
I know I still have you,
and as far I know,
you're here to stay....
          To be Continued...
But look, now you're gone....

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