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Poem: Nothing To You

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Nothing To You
by Kelsey Ann Tkachuck
I don't understand 
how this could be.
How could you ever 
break up with me?
You said- without me,
you would die...
so, why am I 
the one to cry?

So many thoughts
filled my head,
I even once thought
I'd be better off dead.
I thought our love
would be everlasting bliss;
being with you is what 
I'm really going to miss.

You can never understand
how I feel,
for you have someone
to help you deal.
I want things to be 
how they were,
when you were with me,
and didn't know 'her.'

Late at night 
I sit up and cry,
it's too hard to stop
so, I don't even try.
I love you, 
even after what you did,
I just want to know
what you hid.

You can't love her 
if you loved me.
Isn't there only
one love that can be?
You must not have 
loved me at all,
for if you did...
you would've called.

It would've been better
if you hadn't dumped me 
through that letter.
It broke my heart,
knowing, just one girl
can walk in and tear us apart.

How could you make me feel 
so sad and blue?
I must have meant
...nothing to you.

~Dedicated to Nick~

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