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Poem: Always on My Mind

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Always on My Mind
by Sherry Lynn Anderson
I can still remember the first time you said you loved me, 
I think of it all the time. 
You're all I ever think about, no matter what time, 
I'd have to say you're always on my mind.

I can still remember the first time we kissed, 
You said I was your first. 
There is nothing in that kiss that I miss, 
Back then, you were the worst.

We weren't together then, 
I can't remember why. 
I let you slip away, straight to my best friend, 
I released a great sigh.

You guys were together, 
But only for a week. 
I remember the day you guys broke up, 
I can still remember my shriek of glee.

You dated other girls, 
And I dated other guys, 
But fate finally realized we were meant to be, 
And here we are- keeping no secrets and telling no lies.

I've never cheated on you, 
And you haven't yet on me. 
We are still keeping strong, 
Forever, us to be...

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