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Poem: Journey through Life

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Journey through Life
by Bill
To love and be loved from heaven above,
As my journey through life shall pass,
Is the wish of us all - to stand and not fall,
But to live it and breathe it - the die is but cast.

To meet and to love her - for me there's no other,
She's unique in this world - it is true,
And to touch her and kiss... those lips are but bliss,
A magical realm with its magical view.

I was loved in return - my love was not spurned,
The world with its splendor and life did avail,
And to love long and live - to this beauty I give,
My heart and my soul and my love that did fail.

But dying am I... and with memories I cry,
Now beauty elusive is just out of site,
But in love were we two... and for all that I knew,
Was heaven I glimpsed in her eyes... that first night.

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