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Poem: Watch us fade away

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Watch us fade away
by Danielle Nicole Newman
It all will fade away.
Listen, as the bass carries tunes of pain
You scream words only I understand
Now, you're famous; you forgot my name
But, I can promise

It all will fade away.

100 people show up and clap
I'm hiding from you somewhere in the back
I see you lookin, 
Trying to find me.
Nothing's the same since you left me.
I don't say much since you went away,
Same old story, just a different day
I still swear to you

It all will fade away.

Funny how those pictures remind me of you
I spilled my guts, and cried to you.
The tree outback finally fell down
But, it doesn't matter,
'cause you're not around.
I give it just another day, I know

It all will fade away.

One day you're bound to look me up
try and find me...
You'll get stuck
I'm leaving at 7:30 
On that southbound train.
I'm running away and I'm taking- Jane.
"Mr. Wannabe", You'll watch us on our way
As the train gets smaller
And farther away.
Don't say I didn't warn you...

When it all fades away!

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