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Poem: Surfsong

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by Steve Soskin
The ceaseless symphony of a tranquil sea 
echoes through the canyons of my being 
filling my emptiness with 
thoughts of you.

As the pounding waves caress the shore 
so too does my heart pound 
with thoughts of you 
endlessly etched in my essence.

A lonely pelican glides on currents 
of warm wafting breezes. 
And I gaze in wonder at its freedom 
And as it hovers above the shore 
So too does my heart hover 
in awe of your essence.

The cry of the gulls 
in their solitary nonchalance 
Reminds me of the child, the baby 
crying on the inside 
To be held and nurtured 
in a loving embrace.

The sea, in its endless surfsong 
sings words of love 
And I, 
I sit by the shore 
in the tide of your love. 

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