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Poem: Oustide

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by Jennifer Joanne Nitschke
It's hard to explain. 
Inherently, it's just always been strange. 
You're neither here nor there, 
always somewhat out of place everywhere, 
standing all alone, 
eager to just believe it's good enough 
to be what you really are. 

But in your heart uncertainty forever lies, 
and you will always be somewhere on the outside-- 
Ambiguous, without a sense of belonging to touch, 
somewhere half-way, 
feeling there's no one completely the same.

Early on, you face the realization 
you don't have a place where you fit in, 
and recognize you were born to exist 
Irreversibly falling in between 
and it's hard, 
and it's hard to be understood as you are, 
as you are. 

And GOD knows that you are standing on your own, 
blind and unguided in a world devided. 
You are thrown where you are not quite the same, 
though you tell yourself you really are.

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