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Poem: Since the first day...

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Since the first day...
by Madline Demelien
Since the first day I laid my eyes on you
I knew you were the one.
Since the moment we first touched
I knew my search was done.
No amount of words could fully explain
how much you mean to me.
No amount of words could fully express
the happiness I thought would never be.
You have done and been so much for me.
You touched this dying heart 
and gave it new life.
When all was falling apart
you stood by my side.
When my skies were gray
your love shone down on me.
When things weren't going right
and tears filled my eyes
you were there to hold me
to care for me
to console me.
How can I not love you?
How can I do anything but?
You were the angel that touched my soul
and you are the one and only angel 
that will always and forever make me whole.

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