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Poem: Scared I'll lose you!

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Scared I'll lose you!
by Alisha Lynn Navarette
Baby this is hard for me,
 More than you'll ever know,
 I'm falling for you quickly,
 My love just grows and grows.
 I want your arms around me,
 I want you to hold me tight,
 I can't fight this feeling,
 No matter what I try.
 I'm scared that I will lose you,
 I don't want you to go,
 You showed me the meaning of love,
 Something I have never known.
 When you are away,
 I wonder what you do,
 Scared that you will go, 
 Find somebody new.
 Baby I do love you,
 But it is hard for me to say.
 I want you by my side,
 Each and every day.
 I promise I will treat you,
 The best that I know how. 
 Loving you is easy,
 It will always make me proud.
 I know what people say,
 They don't think that we will last.
 But God is on our side,
 He forgot about our past.
 I think that we will make it,
 I don't care what others say,
 God brought us together for a reason,
 And I am thankful every day.
 Do you feel this feeling
 That I feel deep in my heart?
 I think God's trying to tell us,
 We were never meant to be apart.
                               Love Always

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