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Poem: I Don't Love You Anymore.....

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I Don't Love You Anymore.....
by Crystal M Laskowski
What we once shared was great
And the love you showed me use to make my heart swirl
I thought we were brought together by fate
But that was just the dream of a 'teenage' girl

When you broke my heart that day
You tore my world in two
I was a game you played
And it took me a while to get over you

Someone else had come into my life
And he helped my heart heal
But, I found out he has a wife
Words can't explain the pain I feel

And then, one day, you wanted a second chance
I couldn't believe it, I thought it was a dream
My lips were smiling and my heart began to dance
But everything is not always as it seems

The time we've spent together has been fun
And I know you wanted us to be serious this time
I am sorry but it can't be done
And I have seen the signs

What we have here is lust- not love
I knew we wouldn't always feel that way about each other
(What was I thinking of?)
When I took you back, I was still in love with another

So, I'm trying to say... I just can't stay
Because when I am with you, my heart no longer soars
And I realize it more and more each day
I'm sorry... but I don't love you anymore......

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