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Poem: YOU

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by Andrea Barbara Patai
You are the fire in my morning 
You are the black of my night 
You are the stars in my eyes 
You are the one 

You are the one who holds me at bay 
You are the need in necessity 
You are the compulsiveness I desire 
You are the one 

You are my heart in a world of heartlessness 
You are the consumption of my day 
You are the answer in a voiceless world 
You are the one 

You are the life in my force 
You are the escape in my detainment 
You are the one who has captured my attention 
You are the one 

Let no one with issues stand before you and harbor your thoughts. 
Let the Gods of immortality rise upon your soul 
And lift you into the light of life 
Seeking love and love seeking life.

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