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Poem: Once in a blue moon

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Once in a blue moon
by Poet 621
Night, silence, he feels the stillness,
the starry skies parade their radiant stars,
as the blue moon glistens its brightness,

again, he secretly prays to remedy the scars
and wounds that turned blue under the light,
now, he’s only a notional wight,

a soulless being who owns a heart full of yawns,
and just like a feeble fawn,
he looks fragile, too easily under the blue moon,
in that lunar light that will vanish soon.

Under the skies, never he denies
that he feels the solitude tonight,
as a waft of wintry winds puffing from the sea,
he heard the melodious tune that being sung in nigh,
yet no one sings, they wandered over his mind,

he wonders,
why are they still rambling under the blue light? 

When he heard the songs of nightingales,
he thinks of her who sings well and who touched his heart,
he pores upward, in a daze, and he wishes to scale,

until he can reach that celestial moon and caress its part,
because her face appeared on the blue moon,
and he fears hers will lose in sight very soon.

Once in a blue moon,
he feels his restrained love again,
unwillingly, he has to recall his wounds,
a memorable shadow, a wrench that ended with hopeless pains.

Once in a blue moon,
an angel whom he loved too soon,
he remembers again, he bursts his longing again,

Tonight, under the blue shine,
he’s filled with sorrows, with agonizing pains,
and he wishes for tomorrow,  he will have his love shine,
For now, only the blue moon accompanies him
for every seven days, for another once...

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