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Poem: Suicide, Is It The Right Thing To Do?

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Suicide, Is It The Right Thing To Do?
by Eurlantae
I care for you and I'll miss you so much if you go.
There are others who care- many more than you know.
Do you need someone to hold you and show you love?
I need you to share life with - that's what I'm thinking of.

Is taking your life the right thing to do?
It will hurt those who care... if you only knew!!
What is worse- those who are not your friends may rejoice
And you will not be here to argue that you made the right choice.

    Oh, can't you see...
    That to hurt those who care... 
    And to aid those who do not 
    Is the wrong thing to do!

If you take your life there will be some who will win.
Please, don't let them keep you in such a tailspin.
Pull out!  Pull out!  Grab hold of your life.
There is blue sky up ahead... don't end it with a knife.

If hurt and pain is all you see as you look ahead
I assure you things will get better... unless you are dead!
As you live and learn- things get better, they improve.
(I know this is not something I can guarantee or prove.)

Please, stay awhile longer, work on your problems and grow
Stronger and stronger and each day you'll know
You have tackled this puzzle, this mystery called 'life'
That is filled with happiness, pain, success and strife.

There will be a deep, deep hole in many people's lives, if you go,
And Nothing, Nothing, Nothing we can do- except stare at your photos.
It will cause an ache in our hearts every day, for the rest of our lives.
Please, I beseech you, I love you and need you- don't cause your demise.

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