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Poem: Please Let Me Love You

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Please Let Me Love You
by Karen Robertson
Please let me love you, 
surrender your heart and give
me at least one chance 
to prove to you how I feel.

Please let my love 
show you all the ways in my heart,
that my love for you 
is so right and so real.

Please allow me to open 
my heart's fragile doors 
and embrace you, 
holding you close to me.

Please let me demonstrate 
that my love 
can give your heart wings 
and set you free.

Please let me prove my worthiness 
that I will never hurt you 
like you've been hurt 
so many times before. 

Please lend me your heart 
even if just for a moment 
and together, in love, on the wings of passion 
to the heavens in ecstasy we will soar.

Please don't be afraid to accept my love, 
please don't push me away. 
If you let me in your life, 
I will prove to you my love will never fade, 
and as long as you still want me, 
I promise by your side I will stay. 

Please try to understand 
I cannot change 
how I feel for you overnight. 
I love you and that is simply a fact. 

Please know that, 
as I gaze up at the first stars of the evening, 
and wish that you were still mine, 
my salty tears are shining in the soft moonlight. 

Please let me love you, 
for no matter how far apart 
or how different our relationship may be, 
we are meant to be together 
and this I pray that you will soon see.

Please just love me, 
for this is all I'll ever ask, 
and in return...
I'll always love you right back.

Dedicated to Dustin: 'cuz I just can't stop loving you.

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