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by Stephanie Therese Wilson
If you only knew 
My real feelings for you
It'd show my true blue
Devotion to us two

If there were a way
To make you want to stay
I wouldn't waste a day
Pushing your doubt away

If you knew at all
How far I'd fall
No obstacle too tall
To save your helpless call

If you knew how far I'd go
(Farther than tomorrow)
Maybe then you'd know
Why our love would continue to grow

If you wouldn't act so fake
Maybe my heart wouldn't continue to break
Maybe you'll stop for my sake
No matter how much it will take

If you ever tried 
To have more pride
Instead of wanting to hide
Maybe I wouldn't have cried

If you could learn to care
No one would compare 
To a love so rare
You couldn't find it anywhere

If your heart could cry
It would release every lie
Trying to return to dry
With one refreshing sigh

If I were your friend
On me you could depend 
To help your heart mend
I would be there 'til the end

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