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Poem: Distance Can't Keep Us Apart

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Distance Can't Keep Us Apart
by GurLie Cagomoc
Even though we're far apart
Our love and happiness is near in our heart.
We can be hundreds of miles away
Or even thousands of miles away
It doesn't matter 
Because we'll be together through our hearts.
Far apart or near together
What we share is something that can't be broken.
No matter where you may be
I will be there, all you have to do is think of me
And we'll be together closer than ever.
And when I want to think of you
All I do is close my eyes and dream of you and me.
Through our dreams we will find happiness
When we find happiness we find each other.
When we think we can't find love
Because we're not close together,
Just think of all the love we have for one another
And think of the many days that will come 
When we will be together one on one.
Thinking of us being together
I know you'll find love and happiness.
With the love we share
Nothing, not even distance, can keep us apart.
The stronger our love, the closer we'll be.
Love is what keeps us together always and forever.
And even though we're far apart
We'll always be connected heart to heart. 
Distance is never a problem 
Because distance can't ever keep us apart.

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