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Poem: A Friend Like You

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A Friend Like You
by Tanya
  Friendship is a list of  many things
most are good but it also welcomes the bad
like a warm smile when you're feeling sad
or a person to talk to in a time of need 

  She was the one who has helped you plant that seed
to the beautiful friendship that you share indeed,
when you just lost a love and thought the world
was at an end, she was there to lend a helping hand

  She wiped the tears from your face and      
took you in her arms to hold and embrace,
she said that it was for the best and 
helped you put your mind at rest

  She assured you that it would be ok
and said he was a fool to throw you away!
You will always be grateful as she will forever be there
to have a loving friend who will always care!

  I am so lucky to have a friend as great as you, 
for without our friendship i don't know what I would do
thank you for being my one true friend,
I can honestly call you my Best Friend!

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