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Poem: Everything You Do

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Everything You Do
by Nicole Betty Layne
I was sitting here thinking,
of the words I want to say
but they just wouldn't come out right-
so I found a different way.

I got out a piece of paper
and I wrote this poem for you
but there's no way to thank you
for everything you do.

For always being nice to me
and staying by my side,
for helping fix my problems,
and never leaving me behind.

For accepting my thoughts and feelings,
though you might not understand,
for never giving up on me 
and being my VERY best friend.

For making me laugh-
and letting me cry
and saying you'd miss me
if I were to die.

Everything you mean to me
you could never know
in all the ways you've changed my life
I could never show.

The way you take care of me
it's like you're my shining star
and though it's so incredible
that's just the way you are.

Before I get to mushy
it's time for me to go
but before I leave this ink-filled page
there's something you should know.

As long as we are living,
no matter when or where,
if you ever need me-
just call and I'll be there.

I'll climb a thousand mountains
and swim a thousand seas...
anything to be there
'cause you've been there for me.

Dedicated to the love of my life: Michael Henry Ables

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