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Poem: Day Dream

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Day Dream
by Sherry Lynn Anderson
I love to look over rainbows to see if I could see you face,
but the only thing I see are clouds moving at their own pace,

We had a love that once was true,
but then you died and it was through,

My heart beoke the minute I saw you,
we had a big fight and so you never knew,

How sorry I was you'll never know,
because that day that you had to go,

I never meant to piss you off,
but that's when they heard the gun go off,

Tears are still running down my cheeks,
for our love will no longer seek,

I don't know what I could have done to prevent what had gone on,
my stomach still moans and my heart still hurts,

But I'm glad knowing that you're safe under God's holy dirt.

DEC: Monica Soto, and her loss

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