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Poem: In hopes...

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In hopes...
by Bob Davis
I wish I could open my heart to you, 
To let all that was in come out.
My heart would know the words to say, 
My heart would have to shout.

I don't know what to do with them, 
Or how to spell it out.
But these feelings that I have inside, 
I have, there is no doubt.

A smile breaks across your face, 
Like waves on summer sand.
On my birthday cake I wished, 
To wake holding your hand.

I lose myself inside 
Silent pools of bluish grey.
I'd willingly release my soul 
To eyes that held that way.

Your spirit lifts me up 
To heights that once I could not see.
Your kindness, warmth, and caring 
Are precious gifts to me.

The things that make you sad, 
I wish I had the power to erase.
By holding you within my arms, 
A simple warm embrace.

My eyes, they don't deceive me, 
What they see is true.
The definition of beauty 
Is how I think of you.

I write this in the hope 
That making clear my plea
Will in some way influence you 
To take a chance on me.

I know that I'm not perfect, 
I may even have some flaws.
But knowing you improves in me 
All that may be wrong.

And if this must remain a dream 
That never seems  to wake,
Then every night I'll dream again, 
The dreams that love can make.

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