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Poem: Hope

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by ñôr 妧hãh®
Everyone's looking for that something
Something to make them feel complete
I thought I found what I was searching for
And that you are mine to keep

I keep asking myself little questions
Whether indeed you're the right one for me
Or are you just a painful learning experience
A sneak at how true love could be?

I ponder a lot about what we've become
What we could actually have been
Even flowers wilt and tears will dry
It all remains to be seen

A feeling in my heart that will never go away
Might even remain till the day I die
So confused, I could hardly breathe
But all I can do is cry

A new season brings a ray of hope
A taste of new beginnings
I know I have to let you go someday
Even if my heart is bleeding

No one can understand the pain
The scar you left in my heart
Who's gonna mend it now?
Where and how do I start?

Maybe it's not just you to be blamed
Let us call it fate
We're at the famous crossroads of our lives
Torn between the doors of love and hate

Now I shall live day by day
Starting a new chapter of my life
Putting all these memories behind
It's not easy, but I'll survive

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