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Poem: Goodbye

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by Princess Sarah
Love, like the painted sky, is a beautiful work of art.
To you, it is nothing but a word to eject, and you vex my heart.
Can you not see what you are doing to me?- 
Oh, how you feel my heart with pain.
Without you as my love, my friend, I do not have a name.
Oh, how you used to fill my heart with gladness.
My heart is now doleful from the pain you've caused her soul. 
She is filled with nothing but sadness.

A time has passed, though it has seemed like an eternity,
And after all this time, I have finally seen the light. 
I now, have liberty.
My heart is not yet mended from being vexed and torn apart.
But, when I look at you, and the tears do not come, 
I know I will be ready to make a new start.

I think I am finally ready to move on and complete my life.
With you as my guide, I have not yet been through one cry.
I know I'm finally ready to go on with my head held high.
So now I'm leaving_ So long to you_ Farewell to my old life.
Goodbye, my love. Goodbye.

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