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by L. Gail Goins
As I sit upon this hallowed ground,
And think of you, my friend-
I can never begin to understand,
Just why it had to end.

We were friends, you and I...
Cousins and confidants, too-
But you left me forever that night in September...
Clay, what shall I do?

I remember a time when we were teens,
And you told me I was the best-
You said you didn't even care,
That I was different from all the rest.

You told me you really didn't mind,
That I was "just" a girl,
You swore that day to me and God,
That you would always be a part of my World.

But there you lie and here I sit-
Confused and all alone,
Wondering why you had to leave,
As I touch this cold marble stone.

As I read the marker that bears your name
With your date of birth and death,
I really cannot image why,
You silenced your own sweet breath.

I didn’t bring you flowers...
But then, I rarely do.
Just came to sit beside this stone
And say... that "I love you."

           CLAY ANDREW
January 18, 1961 - September 25, 1984

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