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Poem: By the Fire

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By the Fire
by Chris Evans
As we sit by the fire-
you are my heart's only desire.

There we sit in darkness of night-
with the flame and moon providing our light.

With the cold of winter all around-
there we cuddle on the ground.

We sit and talk of things before-
I only want to hear you say more.

I lean in slowly and kiss your cheek-
even with this you make me weak.

Slowly I move to your neck and shoulder-
only wanting to be holding you closer.

Then you look up and we touch lips-
I can feel the passion in your kiss.

Now, I'm holding you really tight-
as we kiss beneath the moonlight.

All I can focus on is the power of your touch-
I can't believe I Love You so much.

Wanting never leave my work of art-
soon I see we must depart.

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