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Poem: Jeanet, count the stars around the moon

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Jeanet, count the stars around the moon
by Miss Phoebe
Do you see that woman in her chair-
the chair is labeled 
with her name and care?
Tell her a story,
share your memories with her;
she will rise in glory.
Look at her eyes
when you tell her a fairytale
or a story about the beach
and a sea shell.
See her lighten
like a thunder in the sky.
If you hold her
she won´t hardly sigh.
Sometimes she sings a song,
when the radio plays she sings along
and if you clap your hands at the end
she will lift her hands
like she is the winner of a race.
Watch the beauty hidden in her face.
If she laughs,
look at the way she holds her tummy;
it´s just so beautiful to see.
You will love to see her laugh-
a smile is the most precious thing 
a person can have.

Don´t bother her
with questions she doesn´t understand;
tell her about the beach, again,
and her golden sand.
Don´t disagree with what she says;
listen to her as she whispers her prayers.
Don´t use your hands when you talk
´cuz her eye-sight went for a walk.
Don´t talk about her blindness
for she is hurt by that;
don´t even start it
for you surely will regret.

Take her to the bathroom,
she´s afraid to go alone;
her fears override her
for she can do it on her own.
Tell her to believe in herself
and to lose her fear
but if something does go wrong
tell her you'll stay near.
If she´s on the toilet
tell her not to cry tears
for she will panic out
and fall because of those fears.
Turn the lights on
to make darkness go south,
don´t hesitate to raise your voice
if you speak.
Please do, loud.
She can´t always hear you
but she sure does feel;
she may yell at you 
but her appreciation is real.

Stay with her when she walks
she is too afraid to fall
but if you stay by her side
she will shine her pride
and stand tall.
Wait, don´t let her go before you´ve reached the end
´cuz at your destination
she will reach out and take your hand.
She will tell you she loves you
if you feel the warmth in her hand
you´ll know it´s true.

If she asks you what to do,
just smile and tell her it's her day off,
that she already worked enough.
If she asks for her daughter,
tell her she´ll be here soon
and, while waiting,
tell her to count the stars around the moon-
she won´t see them by far
but she can see the ray of light of the star.
If she keeps telling- she is tired,
don´t ask her where she´s tired of
or why...
she will only yell at you
or give you a big burden sigh
´cuz you're supposed to know.
She worked all her life
from 8 am ´til 5.
If she yells that she can´t see her drink
don´t dare to tell her it´s in her mind,
if that is what you think-
And don´t forget 
the red mug, fork and knife,
she needs them for her sake
to "survive."

Ok now... 
I will let you go.
Tell Jeanet I love her
and that she is on my mind.
don´t forget the rules I told you-
especially not them of her being blind.
Please take good care
for I´m no longer there.
Please remind her to smile
make her laugh more than once in a while.
If she is full of fear
whisper my name in her ear.
Tell her I´ll visit her soon
and while waiting...
tell her to count the stars around the moon.

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