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Poem: Wilting Rose

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Wilting Rose
by dancing thunder
My heart is like a single rose,
Beginning with a bud 
And ending with the last wilted petal.
All my life I've wanted a love, so pure and true,
I used to dream of my white knight,
And of how he'd come and save me from my life.

But reality was never like my dreams.
I'd find my knight and like a bud, I'd bloom,
Give my love, but save me... he'd never do.
I'd stand there watching as he'd leave, 
Tears swelling in my eyes.
Oh what had happened, 
Was it something I'd done wrong?

Some came and left so soon, others lingered on,
A friend or two, a pen pal here or there.
But with each passing heartache another petal falls.
Why can't I find the love I'm dreaming of 
With that flame that burns so bright?

I always seem to fit in fine, 
But just as one of the guys.
I guess I was not meant to be 
The princess from my fantasies,
So as that dream fades away, 
The last wilted petal falls.

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