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Poem: You Promised

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You Promised
by Crystal Michelle Wallace
            You promised you would never leave me
              but you left me for someone else.
            You said you would always be there
              but then you just didn't even care.
            You said we would be friends forever
              but then you told me good-bye forever.
            You said we couldn't sleep till we had peace.
            I got so scared when you told me good-bye
              my heart felt it could just die.
            I couldn't live without you in 
              my life so I cried and cried.
            I heard you had a new best friend
              I swear I could have just died right there.
            I really missed you.
            You guys had a fight and you came crawling back.
            I couldn't say "NO"
            So we agreed to start over.
            Now we are just like we used to be 
              Friends Forever!!

          To My Best Friend: Brandi Michell Jennings

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