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by Christy E. Cook
Why do I always wanna die?
Is it because this world is full of hate?

Why do I always cry?
Is it because no one bothers to see my inner beauty?

Why do I always cut myself?
Is it because i would rather have physical pain than inner pain?

Why do people always leave me by myself?
Is it because I am not a pleasant person to be around?

Why do I always cry myself to sleep every night?
Is it because God took away my only love?

Why is it, when i'm sad I always grab the knife?
Is it because I want to be with my love again?

Why do I always make the wrong decisions in my life?
Is it because I want attention?

Why do I always start the fight?
Is it because no one understands me?

Why do I sometimes make myself hurl?
Is it because i would rather be hungry?

Why am I such an unhappy girl?
Is it because I have gone through so much pain when i'm only 14?

Why am I about to kill myself?
Is it because no one bothers to listen to me?

Why are the lights getting dimmer?
Is it because i'm about to die?

I guess so...

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