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Poem: Happy Birthday Kristen

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Happy Birthday Kristen
by Thomas Pierre Lemont
How do I write a poem
to say, just, what I feel,
to show, you're not alone
to show you what is real?

I've never quite the words
they fly on by my sight,
Just like a flock of birds
that suddenly take flight.

Never a day passes
where I don't think of you,
Huddled in the masses
your spirit shines right through.

Together in all things
like the Sun and Moon,
Just like the wind, it sings,
And carries 'long' our tune.

With you, I long to walk
along the paths of time,
While others would just balk
Our mountains I would climb.

Happy Birthday, Kristen
I hope that joy is yours,
May dreams fly to you, and then
land here, on nearby shores.

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