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Poem: Lady Of The House

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Lady Of The House
by William Scott Mueller
Praise to the lady of the house 
With whom I share my pleasure and my pain
She is forever at my side,
Willing to accede to my every wish and whine.
I fear that this has not been 
an equitable arrangement on my account.

Forever on the defensive, 
into the fight of life say I.
So hard, to let down one's guard, you know, 
although at times I try.
By all accounts you should have left me years ago.
I don't know, maybe so. 
I thank God in heaven, that it just isn't so.

I have always had the best of intentions.
You yourself have told me so.
Never meaning to hurt or stifle you
I smother, nonetheless.
Are my feelings what I fear the most 
Or fear what I feel at best. 

The thoughts that haunt me constantly 
Are thoughts that I may be a bit beyond insanity 
On another planet, in another vein, 
Beyond the commonalities,
A bit beyond normality
A seperate link in a different chain.

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