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Poem: When We Make Love

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When We Make Love
by Jim E Shining
When we make love, the world stops turning.
When we make love, I can feel your desire burning.
Our two bodies become one.
When we make love, we forget about the moon and we forget about the sun.

Our two bodies entangle like two vines.
Love is all we have on our minds.
Your heart beats fast as the pace goes from slow to fast.
We forget about our future and we forget about our past.

I can see the love in your eyes and I can feel the love in your heart.
Nothing can come between us. No one can keep us apart.
Our desire for each other is like a fire out of control.
I want your entire bsdy; I want your heart and your soul.

When we make love, the stars shine bright.
When we make love, we forget if its day or night.
I do not want this love to ever end.
You're my lover, my soul mate and my friend.

No other love could ever take your place.
When we make love I can feel the love and see the love in your face.
This love is real.  This love is true.
And every night we make love, I thank God for you.

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