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Poem: Every Painful Day

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Every Painful Day
by D. B
Each painful day I live seems to have no end;
all from that heart filled letter you couldn't comprehend.
That one day you turned and walked away,
'cause I finally decided to put my heart on display.

Each day that passes by, it kills me deep inside;
the smile on my face protects the pain in which I hide.
My heart will forever bleed, no matter the months that go by
and every time I see you my heart will break down and cry.

You cared, you waited, and you always loved me,
when all I wanted was for you to let me be free.  
Now that I'm free, I realized you completed my heart;
I love you so much I can't breathe when we're apart.

I was so hurt in the past, I was too scared to let you in
and now I just lost the greatest thing that could have been.
I'm so sorry for all the pain you felt
but I'm thankful for your ways that made me melt.

So, I've learned now that love won't wait
but I've learned this all much too late.
Wishing to turn back time so my heart never lied,
when I kept my love for you locked deep inside. 

I love you deeply and that's all there is left to say.
I will always be here for you... every painful day.

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