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Poem: Untitled

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by Qadesh
Looking up at the sky
Feeling lonely, as I stare
I do not care if I die
And I won't die if I don't care

But the closeness of death 
is forever in my mind
And I savor every breath
for no contract have I signed

For no one am I damned
For nothing do I live
My feelings were not planned
and feelings, I no longer give

The hurt I have endured
The pain I am in
I thought you understood
but you do not

As my sun smiles down on me
and my laughter fades away
I know that you do not see
how my love has gone astray

But listen to my heart
if you are willing to try
And know that I won't start
I will never start to cry

Because with pain, I cannot cope
And hate, I cannot stand
But, if you give me hope
then you will understand

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