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Poem: Demons Inside.

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Demons Inside.
by Crazy Monkey Fighter
These demons inside cannot be seen
The pain they cause is too often felt
Not only by me, but by the few who see

The few that see the pain I feel
The few that see no one can help me heal
The few that see these building walls
That faster and faster are growing too tall

These walls inside me built by these demons
Are blocking me from the few who see
From all hope, all happiness
All others can do is watch and witness

Before these walls reach the sky
I wish to say one last goodbye
Before I am blocked from humankind.
I love you all and I want you to know it....

Dear Mom, I'm sorry I always forget
But I really do try my best
Dear sister, Melissa, I always care
And I'm sorry I couldn't always be there.

Dear brother, Shaun, I loved you all along
I'm sorry I never told you and
That we were never close
Dear Father, I know you are now different
But I will always hold the memmory of what we used to be

Dear Justine, you're a great friend
You were always there for me
And I'm sorry I never told you how much I care
You're my best friend and you're half my heart
When you're gone my world falls apart


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