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by C. Roberts
  Before you, there was just one heart,
Ever searching, always reaching, never finding.

  Before you, there was just one soul,
Ever seeking, always yearning, never resting.

  Before you, there was just one thought,
Ever striving, always wanting, never fulfilling.

  Before you, there was just one life,
Ever planning, always hopeful, never complete.

  Before you, there was just one hope,
Ever lasting, always fleeting, never achieved.

  Before you, there was just one dream,
Ever longed for, always missed, never believed.

Then you found me, on wings sent from above.
  You taught me life's greatest lesson;
    When two hearts merge... it's Love.

But Love's just a concept when all is said and done.
  While on the surface two hearts beat,
    Only true Love... makes us one.

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