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Poem: Christmas Without You

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Christmas Without You
by Charlotte Lee Johnson
I remember all the past years,
We had together... without tears.
All the happy memories of youth,
When we shared everything- in truth.
30 years have gone by, now,
Since that 1st. Christmas with you.
All were such grand ones,
Never like this one... when I'm so blue.
Our children are all raised, now,
And what a sight to see.
Both loving and caring,
Just as we hoped they would turn out to be.
Our grandchildren are so full of life,
So excited at the littlest things.
It is a joy for me to watch them grow,
And I also hope you, too, can know.
This Christmas will be so very blue,
Yet, I know that I must go on... without You.
The tree will be trimmed and the presents wrapped,
But the memories of you will always ring true.
Yes, Santa will still come to the children this year,
And life will go on with all the laughter and cheer.
But under my makeup and painted smiles,
You will still be with me, inside all the 'whiles'.
I will hide my tears for all to see,
But when alone, I will remember thee.
Remembering the 30 years we had together,
And ask what do i do now... with my forever?

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