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Poem: You're The Missing Link

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You're The Missing Link
by Sunday B. Fakus
I reached and we became
locked in kiss.  We clung
tight and felt the heat,
till the magic concealed
in our eyes became revealed.

With our body still lain
in the attitude of embrace,
I heard sibilant voices and
saw quick, curious glances
of love beckoning at me.

I succumbed to the gaze and
the penultimate outcome is
trust, hope and faith; my
heart tickled at the strokes
of your sweet, wet smooches.

"Could you be the one destined
to rekindle old flame of love?
Could this be the love meant to
mend broken dreams and regain
lost victories?"  I questioned.

I stretched and again fell 
into your grip.  And there I laid 
till the sound of your heartbeat
assured you're the missing link, the
only hyperlink of loving and living.

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