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Poem: Loved And Lost

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Loved And Lost
by Natalie M. Gabriel
Throughout the year you loved me so
I never thought you'd have to go
You played with my heart that's all you did
You're foolish now, you act like a kid
If this was love, then why did it end?
My broken heart I'll have to mend
It seems to me that you're depressed
I'm not the one that started this mess
My heart is the one broken in two
Why do you act like I've been untrue?
You're the one who wants to have fun
I gave you my heart, but you decided to run
I told myself not to get attached
But the love you gave was hard to match
I knew one day you'd break my heart
I was foolish enough not to see us part
The thing I feared was here so fast
What we had is somewhere in the past
I guess our love has faded away
But life without you is a brighter day!

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