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Poem: What I Feel

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What I Feel
by FaNaSy PaRa SiEmPrE
I like you so much
and I really don't know why
I'm sorry I had to tell you
and you had to see me cry

I wish you could feel the same
so we could get together
But my wish hasn't been granted
and probably will never

Me and you is only a wish
that could never be
Because me and you
is something that you can't see

You have a girlfriend
and yet I still seem to care
I want you for me 
but I guess that's not fair

You're already taken
and you probably love her alot
Why should I keep trying
when "we" is something that cannot

I hope she makes you happy 
because happy you deserve to be
I only wish you could be happy
without her and with me

Or should I try 
to make you realize I care for you
When I already cried 
and made myself look like a fool

I'm so confused
should I try to make it up the stairs
The stairs to your heart
while your girl is unaware

I think I'm just going to give up
because your heart I will never get
Because in your heart
I just don't fit

So I guess I'm telling you
I care for you still
I care for you now
and probably always will

I want you to know
you have a piece of my heart
Knowing you're still my friend
that's a good enough start...

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